Saturday, December 31, 2011

Digital Perm at Beauty Brick

With Mr. Shin
I have been searching the Net about the best places to do a digital perm here in Manila but I was thinking of growing my hair first before I finally take the perm plunge. However on one uneventful November day, I had the compulsion to had my hair permed and do it that day or else I'll chicken out and bask in my straight hair comfort zone. I called Beauty Brick to ask for an appointment and fortunately they were able to accommodate me despite the short notice. Yehey!

Finding out where Beauty Brick is is a little tricky. If you're coming from the North (Quezon City area), you can take the MRT,  then go down at Buendia station, ride the jeepney near McDonalds (Sorry I forgot the jeepey sign) and go down on the 2nd stoplight. I think there's McDonald's and right across it is Mang Inasal in that intersection. By the way, it's in Jupiter St. From McDonalds, walk until you reach Music 21, and walk a little farther then you're in Beauty Brick. If you don't understand the instructions consult Google Maps instead. Hehe :)

My Hair History: I had my hair rebonded on a 6-8 months interval for the last 2 years. My last hair rebond was May. I self-colored my hair last August. You might think that with all these treatments, my hair is super dry but I think I managed to keep it healthy because of a good shampoo and conditioner regimen. 

I was immediately seated when I came into Beauty Brick (Tip: When you have an appointment, be on time since they will call you to ask if you'll want to reschedule instead). Mr. Shin (owner of Beauty Brick) checked my hair if it was suitable for a digital perm since I had my hair previously rebonded. He said that it was okay but snipped about 2 inches since the end part was dry. He doesn't really speak English so he was conversing with his assistant the whole time. (His assistant told me that he's Korean but lived in Japan so he speaks Nihonggo). He told his assistant to prepare medium and large curlers since I didn't want the small curls. The curls would also start on the level of my lips down. I couldn't really memorize the steps of the actual perm but my hair was washed A LOT of times. And my hair was attached into this octopus looking machine. I was getting a bit impatient actually but his assistants were very friendly always asking if the water temperature was okay while they wash my hair, or if I felt any sting on my scalp. Really made me feel like a princess. :)) Mr. Shin was really busy the whole time and his assistant were the ones really doing most of the job. He comes to supervise every once in a while and check the whole process. I think I was there on a Thursday and for a week day, the place was packed. Anyway, here are the pictures I took while I was there. :))

I like my straight hair! :)

Attached to the octopus-looking machine! :P

Perm Done! How do I look? :)

I week after my perm.

1 month after my perm. Curls still intact! :)

Elle: Isn't it the first cardinal rule or perm maintenance that you are forbidded to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate?

If you're a certified girly-girl, I don't think you will ever forget this line from Elle Woods. However, I don't think this line holds true anymore! :))) The staff at the salon said that I can wet my hair the day after my perm (I took a bath 10 hours after my perm) but I couldn't use shampoo, only conditioner. And so I did and my curls are still intact! :) 

After perm care: I split my hair into 4 and twist it when my hair is wet. I leave it to air dry, apply Vitress and I'm good to go! :)

My family and friends all have compliments for my curls! My cousins like it so much that 2 of them also wanted to perm their hair!! :) 

Hope this post is helpful. Tell me about your digiperm experience, okay? :))

P.S. Last post for 2011!!! WoooOOOooo!!! Light and love everyone!



  1. Wew! Thanks for your post I thought I made a mistake in wetting my hair. I just had a stacker (rebond with digiperm) from Beauty Brick Salon yesterday and as far as I remember they said that I may wash my hair and use conditioner today. But when I browsed the net most of the post says that washing hair after perming should have at least a 48-hour interval.

  2. Hi.. how much did you spend for the digi perm? :)

  3. How I wish my experience was same as yours. Mine turned out bad. I availed the digiperm service of EdwinLisa Salon at their JP Rizal branch in Makati using the Metrodeal voucher. It was a total of almost 6hrs of procedure and it cost me 4k (incl. root color, treatment, half rebond) but the result was frustrating. I was told that I’m okay to leave even if my hair was still dripping wet and was applied with 10-12pumps of curling lotion. When my hair finally dried, it was so stiff and heavy. My hair looked so messy and frizzy. I don’t know what to do with my hair now, I even messaged the fb page of EdwinLisa but they did not reply. I had my digiperm at a Korean Salon last year but the result was beautiful and it even cost me less (ensogo voucher 1.8k only).